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as the global leader in programmable graphics processing technology, nvidia provides cloud-to-end artificial intelligence training and inference integration solutions for various industries.

as a subsidiary of lenovo group, lcfc (hefei) electronics technology co., ltd. is committed to providing enterprises with intelligent edge computing products and technologies, has become the elite partner of nvidia jetson's global ecosystem since 2019, whose output value exceeding 100 billion rmb for three consecutive years.

as the largest pc r&d and production base of lenovo group, lcfc has an advantage in r&d, manufacturing, testing, verification and logistics management system. lcfc actively cooperates with global business partners, collaborates with world-renowned universities and scientific research institutions to innovate, serving leading customers in many fields, and is committed to becoming an acceleration engine for the industrialization of global artificial intelligence.

faced with the intelligent upgrading needs of the whole scenario of production and life in the era of artificial intelligence, lcfc has independently developed edge intelligent box and solutions based on nvidia jetson. by providing a variety of configurations of hardware combination and unified software stack, it effectively meets the needs of  samrt transportation, amr (autonomous mobile robots), smart security, smart manufacturing and other fields in the intelligent edge of computing power upgrades, reduces the r & d threshold of edge intelligence, and accelerates the industrialization process of intelligent applications in various fields.

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