lcfc ea-r600

lcfc ea-r600 is a domain controller specially designed for autonomous vehicles such as mobile robots which is suitable for application scenarios such as sanitation, distribution, inspection, logistics sorting, freight in the field of smart transportation. equipped with 2 nvidia® jetson agx orin™ core modules, data transmission is carried out through the high-speed pcie bus on the board side, and the whole machine can provide up to 400/550 tops of edge computing power. the two computing units can work independently/collaboratively perform computing tasks to ensure real-time and efficient processing performance, and have computing capabilities such as multi-sensor fusion, perception, planning, prediction, and decision-making.

| one machine with two engines, high mobile computing power, 400/550 tops

| -25~80℃  operating temperature

| corrosion resistance up to 120 hours at 5% salt spray concentration

| ip65 protection grade design of the whole machine

| water cooling system, extreme heat dissipation

| mtbf>50000 hours

technology specifications



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